Hurricane Ian-10/1 11:30am update

We have power as of yesterday evening. Still no AC, as ours is on its side and parts of it are hanging off the roof, but we have fans, a portable AC unit, and a dehumidifier. We have running water for showers and laundry, but we’re still under a boil water notice. Might have a […]

Hurricane Ian-9/30 2:30 Update

We’re still doing okay. Still no power here, but I went to my parents’ house for a few hours (they have a generator) to charge up a laptop and a battery pack. Got to have a hot breakfast and had my mom cook up some rice for us to eat with all the canned beans […]

Hurricane Ian-9/29 5pm update

We’re doing fine. Still without power but it’s been nice out today so it isn’t too bad right now. There are few FPL tracks down the street in our neighborhood, so fingers crossed, power should be back relatively soon. Nick cleared the tree branches that were on the patio and blocking our sidewalk. We still […]

Hurricane Ian-9/28 6pm Update

We’re okay. It’s still windy as all hell and will be for at least another 2 hours. I only have emergency cell service, so this isn’t going to post for a while. We had been hearing our vents rattling for a while, and then we heard a wet sound. Rain was coming in through the […]


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